What is
all about?

It is a platform that logs all session results on the connected servers. The gathered racing data is used to automatically arrange sim racing leagues/championships. The
system also offers a court function where drivers can award other drivers for clean and fair races but also can file complaints against wrecking/unfair drivers. As a service for other server admins (not connected to
), our ban list can be downloaded and used on their servers.

Note that
is still alpha and changes alot. This means your data could be wiped if necessary and things may break (we try to avoid this, of course).

Which games are supported?

Only Assetto Corsa at the moment.

Can I connect my own Asseto Corsa dedicated Server with

Sure, check the GameserverAdministration page.

Missing a feature?

Just tell us about it and we will figure out if we can improve speedwise by your input.

How can i download the blacklist onto my linux dedicated server?

# stop your server and cd into your server directory
$ cd /path/to/your/ACServerDirectory

# delete the old blacklist file
$ rm blacklist.txt

# download the newest blacklist file
$ wget http://speedwise.de/court/blacklist.txt

# now start your server
$ ./acServer_linux