This is the
court. If a driver misbehaves in any manner you can file a complaint through the specific session's detail page (find the session here). Complaints are reviewed by the
stewards and can result in loss of
reputation. The
reputation is an indicator of fairness and overall behaviour on the track as well as in conversations with other drivers. To file a complaint (report an incident) you have to find the Session and report the driver from the options menu (Note: only visible if signed in). Other drivers that participated in the session in question can then anonymously post their opinion on the case to provide more information about your reported incident. The stewards will review all statements and decide whether the driver deserves a penalty in form of

  • Cautioning
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of points (only in championchips/leagues)
  • Temporary or persistent server bans on a global level (speedwise servers and in the publicly available blacklist file)

The complaint's description and the accused driver's name will be publicly visible to others while no names of complaint reporters or statements will be revealed (except to the stewards).

The court offers as much transparency as possible without discouraging other drivers to participate in the process. Every user complaint that led to a ban can be reviewed on the banlist.


The resulting banlist created by the stewards judgements can be reviewed here.
If you host your own server, you can download our global blacklist here.
If you are banned by the ban list and think you don't belong there, issue an unban request.
To request a ban of a specific driver fell free to open a ban request and provide convincing evidence why he should be banned.

Active Stewards